Genevieve Sachs

About Genevieve Sachs

GENEVIEVE SACHS is a Senior at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago, IL. She is extremely active in a variety of theater, visual arts, and media-related programs, and has played lead roles in a variety of productions, ranging from shows like Women and Wallace or Seussical the Musical, to being a part of the youth ensemble accompanying Ryan Gosling during his band Dead Man’s Bones’s tour. In addition to also being interested in alternative fashion, yoga, Greek food, and Netflix, she has been interested for years in issues related to how to promote better content and images for and about girls in media, television and movies. At the age of 12, she participated in a girls’ leadership conference on this topic called “Turn Beauty Inside Out,” sponsored by New Moon Magazine. Most recently, for an art competition, she created a mixed media sculptural piece on the subject of beauty and its distortions. She is thrilled to be joining the Speaking of Beauty blog team and contributing to the conversation on how women and girls are viewed, and view themselves.

“See Me Peel Me”

With the sole project prompt of making the invisible visible, or bringing attention to something that rarely gets attention, my mind immediately flitted to the insidious pressure on girls and their appearances. Continue reading

Little Blue Distortion

The first time that the idea of women’s objectification or distortion in the media was brought to me was when I was at the young age of 12, and it was brought to me by a Smurf.

Yes, a Smurf as in a small blue cartoon creature living in a mushroom forest. I was at a conference in Los Angeles called Turn Beauty Inside Out, hosted by New Moon Magazine. Amongst the powerful and much admired female leaders there was Geena Davis, not only a long time actress, producer, and writer, but also a former model.

Davis began her spiel with a single image: a lovely blue Smurfette with long flowing blonde hair and a tiny white dress. Naturally, my first reaction was questioning why on earth this brilliant woman was bringing a silly cartoon TV show into her talk about inner beauty and respecting women. Then she started talking about it, really talking, and that was it, I was hooked on the idea. She talked about how despite yes, being Continue reading