Break Some Rules and Wear Red Lipstick

photo (31)I saw this article in The Gloss the other day titled 7 Items You Should Never Wear After Age 30 Because You Are Old, Dumb And Ugly. The title made me laugh,

so I had to read on.

The article points out the silliness of these rules, but apparently there really are individuals who feel these “rules” mean something. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to look ridiculous. I wrote a blog about it called Mutton As Lamb, and it had to do with dressing (kind of) appropriately, within reason. But these rules? Not so much.

Here are the the rules from The Gloss article: no leopard prints, no leather, no long hair, and no cleavage.

Me and my husband, Ron. Notice my attempt at cleavage and my long hair. Not Ron's...he's bald.

Me and my husband, Ron. Notice my attempt at cleavage and my long hair. Not Ron’s…he’s bald.

Hmmmmm…I’m not doing so well. I love animal prints, I have loads of leather wardrobe pieces: leather jackets, leather bustiers (see picture at beginning of post), biker jackets, leather skirts. I have long hair (made longer by extensions), and I try for all the cleavage I can achieve with the resources I have.

A few of my leopard print wardrobe items

A few of my leopard print wardrobe items

Ready for a few more rules? O Magazine‘s “no” list includes: no short skirts, no tube tops, no shredded denim, and no bright nail polish. Busted. More Magazine has a few “nos”: the color orange, wide horizontal stripes, and no pleated trousers. I also found a Forbes article with a few mixed messages about The Great Pantyhose Debate: yes you must always wear pantyhose, especially in an office…no you should never wear pantyhose, they are archaic and oppressive.

Uh-oh...the color orange in skirt form

Uh-oh…the color orange in skirt form

Me, wearing a dress featuring wide, horizontal, stripes.

Me, wearing a dress featuring wide, horizontal, stripes, plus my red lipstick which I wear everyday…yes even during the day.

And yet a few more: you should never wear red lipstick during the day (oh no), you should always match your shoes and purse, you should never mix black and navy or black and brown, and that time tested rule – never wear white after Labor Day.

Well, I’ve got news for you…I think rules for fashion are silly. Fashion is about self-expression. If you want to wear a short skirt, wear it. If you have a leather dress (like me), by all means, put it on the next time you go out. I believe the only “rule” we should follow is that there are no rules. Dress the way you like and make sure your clothes reflect who you are. Perhaps, like me, you will discover a few items you never considered wearing– like my Agent Provocateur hosiery. hold upHey, at least I’m fulfilling someone’s rule somewhere of never going without pantyhose (even with the back seam).

C’mon, ladies…let’s break some rules.


  • cjschepers

    Yay! A woman after my own creative-fashion heart! I break so many of these rules, too, Holly. And, I also get women of ALL AGES (from 14 to 94) telling me, “hey, I love that (polish, jacket, bag, hair tinsels, you name it).” The more “age-versed” I get, the more I’ve learned to just follow my intuition and creative spirit around fashion… and it seems to be working!

  • Barrysentials Wine

    haha.. I saw Oprah’s list, too and thought – seriously — there’s no way Oprah approved that article. Design principles work, but rules? — well, you know what happened to the lady who wrote The Rules for dating and marrying? Right? Rules were made to be broken by US!