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Inner Beauty Journal - book by Holly Fulger, Melissa McNamara 312x463GET THE BOOK!  Just $24.95

Speaking of Beauty Inner Beauty Journal:
A Guide to Discovering Yourself and
Defining Your Self Image Regardless of Media Influence
by Holly Fulger 
with contributions by Melissa  McNamara


“Are you frustrated with the media pressures to be scary-thin and look a certain way?
It took 20 years and some very hard lessons for me to learn that beauty and confidence
is an inside job first – but I did it. Now, YOUR inner beauty and well being
are first on my mind every morning and were first on my mind as I wrote this book.
YOU can learn from my experiences so that you can live your happiest
and most beautiful and confident life right NOW!” ~ Holly

Inside this book: 
    • Learn the mental skills to replace negative thoughts with powerful thoughts
    • Live a new perspective with stronger role models
    • Learn your unique Personal Beauty Profile
    • Makeup Tutorials that apply to your Personal Beauty Profile
From Holly’s personal struggles with self-image and media pressures,
you’ll learn how she built her confidence as she learned that real and lasting beauty
is an inside job first. The great news is – although it took her 20 years to learn,
you can learn in just a few weeks by reading the book and joining her in the processes included inside.
~ Inner Beauty Meditations
~ The story of how Holly conquered her insecurities
 ~ Journaling exercises to help you discover what is REAL FOR YOU!
 ~ Personality test to determine your inner beauty profile
 ~ Make-up guides for five separate inner beauty profiles
 ~ Links to personalized makeup video tutorials based on your personal inner beauty profile
… and lots more!
Get your hands on this book
and gain the power to be the woman
who believes in herself and other women!


Inner Beauty Journal - book by Holly Fulger, Melissa McNamara 312x463