Thanks and In Response….

HBD logoWell I’m really excited because my new show, The Hollywood Beauty Detective was written about by Jodie Layne for Working on this series has consumed me for so long, and seeing people respond to it is thrilling…even though Jodie’s reaction was mixed. So Continue reading

Sexy at Any Age? You Bet Your Ass

Jessica Lange for Marc Jacobs

Jessica Lange for Marc Jacobs

Could it be that older women are becoming  the new faces of beauty? Absolutely. After years of living in a culture where being over 50 meant being invisible, things are changing in a very real way. I, for one, am inspired by this. Continue reading

Speaking of Beauty’s Style Profile Test

Welcome to Speaking of Beauty’s Style Profile Test. Melissa McNamara and I designed this exercise to allow you to discover the one word that best describes you. It is Continue reading

Every Body Wears Shapewear – Even if it’s just your undies – But Is It Doing You Any Favors?

Is there anything wrong with glaring panty lines that? Here’s my own true confession… I noticed a woman the other day with obvious pantylines glaring through her dress and I thought – “It just doesn’t have to be that way.”

Then I realized  no matter what we are wearing, whether we are wearing formal “Shapewear” from a manufacturer or just wearing normal clothes and undies Continue reading