The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

I grew up in the 70′s and I was obsessed with fashion magazines. Actually, fashion magazines were my crack. I craved them, I needed them, I let them define me. And, like crack, they also nearly destroyed me. My views on beauty were based on these fashion magazines. They told me what was beautiful. They told me how to be skinny, how to get a man, how to have sex and keep skinny, why men were attracted to “dumb women,” how to Continue reading

I Am Not My Photograph

It was my next-to-the-last-day of my week long vacation, and I went out to dinner with a bunch of my high school girlfriends. Before I met them, I had made sure I looked cute, wore great clothes, had clean hair full of product, great make up, fabulous jewelry. We all hugged and squealed as always. Then Continue reading

A Lesson From June

Cynthia Oredugba, is open to learning what beauty is all about

Cynthia Oredugba, is open to learning what beauty is all about

Today I just wanted to lounge in bed.  Actually every morning I have to be a leader to myself in order to get my day started with exercise.  Today was no exception.  Finally, after much debating why I should or should not go to my yoga class,
I propelled myself into forward motion and went. Yeah!

There is a beautiful woman named June who works out at my gym every day.  When I go at 8:00 a.m., she’s there.  June is always well groomed with a touch of lipstick, delicate earrings, and a twinkle in her eyes.  I fascinate myself with observing Continue reading

So Just What Is Beauty Anyway?

Elizabeth Chomko's headshot she uses as an actress

Elizabeth Chomko’s headshot she uses as an actress

So just what is beautiful, anyway?

Being thin / having curves / pregnancy. Blonde / brunette / redhead / salt and pepper. Youth / aging gracefully. Strength / vulnerability. Femininity / androgeny. Seventeen / thirty-seven / a baby. Being toned / being touchable. The hourglass / the thigh gap. Marilyn Monroe / The Mona Lisa / Coco Rocha / Barbie / Mother Theresa / Michelle Obama.

And / or:

Confidence. Authenticity. Intelligence. Honesty. Wit. Humor. Admitting wrong. Fearlessness, passion, growth, perfection.  Continue reading