Every Body Wears Shapewear – Even if it’s just your undies – But Is It Doing You Any Favors?

Is there anything wrong with glaring panty lines that? Here’s my own true confession… I noticed a woman the other day with obvious pantylines glaring through her dress and I thought – “It just doesn’t have to be that way.”

Then I realized  no matter what we are wearing, whether we are wearing formal “Shapewear” from a manufacturer or just wearing normal clothes and undies we are all being shaped by what we wear – it’s just that some of what we wear shapes us favorably, and some of what we are wearing doesn’t fit. Period.  And it’s not our fault.

From a humanities perspective, I suppose there are thousands of worse things than pantylines, but in a professional setting, let’s assume most of us would like to look our best with a minimum of ease. I sort of made the commitment not to broadcast the shape of my panties a long time ago and have shopped and purchased and had a few successes and a few failures in the lingerie department.

One of my failed (albeit comedic) trip to big Shall-Remain-Nameless department store to find some undies and maybe a shaper. CONFUSION….which one? what size? how many types are there? why are some longer than others? which one goes with which outfit? LONELY and were are the sales professionals who are supposed to know something? and EXPENSIVE I’m going to spend $75 dollars on something and I”m not even sure it’s the right one! Where are we going? Why am I in this handbasket? Something like that…

Sales professionals no where in site – of course – I took that journey all by myself – exhausting, frustrating and ultimately a waste of time and money.

Imagine my surprise when Lisa Cole, a Lingerie Fit Expert, had me try a pair of boy shorts undies (my personal fave) that were supposed to fit better and look better — and then the boy-shorts actually delivered on that promise.  All of a sudden my butt looked waaay better.  “Hmmmmmm,” I thought.  I never really expected that. How did that happen?

It’s a very different fabric, that’s how – and it was chosen for my by a Lingerie Fit Expert. In just a few minutes. Oh…. the beauty and ease of a knowledgeable professional.

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(This is a sponsored post - and you’ll want to know that we only do sponsored posts with products we have tried and really believe in!)