Meet The Hollywood Beauty Detective

HBD 3So here’s my latest project…the project that has helped me find my voice. It’s called The Hollywood Beauty Detective and I am really excited about it. 

I have been an actress in Hollywood for over twenty years, and one of the things that has fueled me, plagued me, and stood in my way has always been the question of beauty. Do I look right? Am I enough? And, recently, can I work in this profession as a woman over 50?

Because a woman over 50 can’t in any way be beautiful, can she?

I have looked at what part my obsession with beauty has played in my career and my life, and what effect working in a profession that, in many ways is all about looks, has had on me.

These questions are the inspiration for The Hollywood Beauty Detective. I want to discover what women find beautiful and what influences their opinions about themselves. In a recent study done by Dove, only 2% of women polled from 10 countries around the world consider themselves beautiful. Why is it so difficult for us to think we’re beautiful?

Perhaps if we shine a light on other peoples’ versions of beauty, we can begin to create a more inclusive version of it.

I love Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown and it’s truly been an inspiration for The Hollywood Beauty Detective. In the same way that he explores food, I will explore beauty. I want to go into different cities and cultures and find out what beauty means to people. How does it differ from place to place; culture to culture? What do we do to achieve beauty and why?

I guess you could say I’m expanding my “beauty palette.”

Because I live in Hollywood, I’m starting the series here, where beauty is an obsession – an obsession with perfection and youth.  I mean, really…why is the western beauty ideal the seemingly accepted beauty ideal? And what is the media’s effect on all of this? And on us?

We’ve had a great campaign on Indiegogo and appreciate all your support!!! Thank you for being part of it!! Here’s to The Hollywood Beauty Detective.

xoxo Holly