Ode to Elegance…Ode to Eleanor



Eleanor Glaze was my father’s partner for over 20 years and, for all intents and purposes, my stepmother. On October 14th of this year, Eleanor passed away. We are all trying to deal with the loss and come to terms with it. My way is to honor her and share what Eleanor was to me.

My father met Eleanor a few years after my mother, Florence, passed away. My father was not looking to fall in love again. It just happened.

Where my own mother, taught me ambition, determination, and the importance of following my dreams, Eleanor taught me elegance and enjoyment. Eleanor was there to show me what growing older was all about. And she did it with aplomb.

She was 87 years old when she died, and there wasn’t a day that she didn’t get up, fix her hair, put on her makeup, and a beautiful outfit. Toward the end that was difficult, but she was always “dressed.”

Eleanor exercised everyday and was always active. She danced in a seniors group up until she was 80. She loved to host parties at the apartment complex where she and my dad met. She was the activities director, and she planned events there for years.

She loved cooking, good wine, beautiful clothes, great literature, parties, and her stiletto heels. But most of all she loved my dad. My father shared with me something she had written to him. It is so beautiful and I want to share it with all of you…primarily because I believe that no matter how old we are, love triumphs over all…

“My Dearest Soulmate,

For most of the 25 years I have been alone, I was certain I would never meet a gentleman friend whose temperament was suited to mine. Although I was not interested in a serious attachment, I found myself responding to your affectionate ways…a feeling I thought was lost in getting older. Thank you for being who you are and proving me wrong – that youth’s physical sensitivities never die.

Your Soulmate on the 2nd Floor”

My father and Eleanor

My father and Eleanor

Eleanor showed me that growing old doesn’t mean we stop living. I miss her with all my heart. She inspired me. I hope by getting to see a little bit of who she was, she has inspired you too.

Happy Holidays.


  • Barrysentials Wine

    What a beautiful post! Lots to learn from Eleanor. I think I’ll have an Eleanor day tomorrow. ;-))