A Treasure! The Book “See What I Can Become” by Elyssa Fernandez

A child’s imagination is a remarkable thing. There is beauty and vision to it, as well as purity.  I had the pleasure of meeting artist/author Elyssa Fernandez and her sister, Elisha Fernandez, recently at the Success Summit produced by Today’s Innovative Woman.  Elyssa had a busy kindergarden – she wrote the book,
See What I Can Become. Isn’t that amazing? I read it and here are my thoughts:

In Elyssa Freitas Fernandez’s book See What I Can Become, we are taken into Elyssa’s world as she tells us and illustrates to us the opportunities that await both her and her young readers in the future to come.

Elyssa believes that in order to be what you want to be you have to do the following: believe, work to make it come true, and do your best to complete it. Through her illustrations she gives examples of all the possibilities of careers open to dream about. She includes many choices, and her illustrations are remarkable.

Meeting these girls in person, they are everything one would expect: charming, self-possessed, and inspired. It was actually comforting to realize that they are our future. Elyssa’a vision is big and inclusive. She sees a better world for herself and her audience. I highly recommend this beautiful book.  Whether for your child, or for yourself, See What I Can Become is a treasure.  If you know a child who is wondering about all the things they can be, or a grown-up who is making a career change , this book is a perfect gift: http://whollyart.com/english/products.html

I am so proud to have Elyssa and her sister Elisha as one of our sponsors for Speaking of Beauty.  Here they are with me after winning the November sponsorship!

Join us for book launch.jpg

Join us for book launch.jpg

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