Speaking of Beauty TV presents: Teen Workshop – Discovering Personal Style

Join us for our Teen Workshop

Join us for our Teen Workshop

Teen girls are bombarded with false impressions of what is beautiful: ads for cosmetics, ads for clothes, and ads that promote their sexuality over their inner strengths. At Speaking of Beauty, we are changing that.

Our Teen Workshop is all about finding balance and discovering how powerful it is to be your own unique self. Teen girls are given an image – one that demands them to be sexy, sly, alluring – all before they are 15 years old.

You cannot deny the culture of beauty as it is a multi-billion dollar business, but we, as the adults and role models, need to help our girls and young women find balance. This workshop will empower teen girls to know what true beauty is and to learn how to differentiate between media-based beauty and values-based beauty. By taking this workshop, each young woman will see that self-esteem and uniqueness are valued over the quest to attain media-based beauty.

Saturday, August 24th  11 to 4                                                                                                Location TBD