Speaking of Beauty’s Style Profile Test

Welcome to Speaking of Beauty’s Style Profile Test. Melissa McNamara and I designed this exercise to allow you to discover the one word that best describes you. It is  empowering to become aware of a word that embodies your essence.

After identifying your word, you will see what Style Group you belong to and find out what your Style Profile says about you and how you present that to the world.Find a quiet place without distractions. Starting with Group 1, pick one word that best describes you
from each of the five groups.

                                                                                                                              Visionary, Inventive, Original, Authentic, Spontaneous, Unconventional, Sexy, Outgoing, Idealistic, Inspiring, Stylish, Motivating, Exciting, Influential    YOUR WORD___________

GROUP 2                                                                                                                                 Curious, Funny, Natural, Musical, Entertaining, Joyous, Playful,Whimsical, Eccentric, Vibrant, Artistic, Blithe, Vivacious, Creative                                                                    YOUR WORD ____________

GROUP 3                                                                                                                      Caring, Gentle, Peaceful, Graceful, Spiritual, Deep, Source, Ageless, Classic, Serene, Balanced, Soulful, Ethereal, Still                                                                                                         YOUR WORD ____________

GROUP 4                                                                                                                          Passionate, Powerful, Independent, Commanding, Adventurous, Fearless, Bold, Athletic, Brave, Risk-Taking, Heroic, Confident, Indomitable, Forceful                                           YOUR WORD____________

GROUP 5                                                                                                                        Strong, Rational, Wise, Centered, Honest, Elegant, Prosperous, Logical, Focused, Loyal, Determined, Organized, Striking, Driven                                                                            YOUR WORD____________

WHAT ARE YOUR 5 WORDS?   __________,  _________,  ________, _________,   ___________

NOW CHOOSE 3 __________,   ___________,    ___________

NOW CHOOSE 1 __________

This is your word. Take a minute to think about your word and try to visualize it as a quality you could see. For example, the word I chose was influential. I decided I wanted to live my life with a sense of purpose, and my goal was to have influence and input into shifting the consciousness of the beauty culture. But am I presenting that to the world in my appearance, my attitude, and my demeanor? Do I embody that word? And if not, how can I? There is strength and a sense of purpose to the word influential. I think about influential women I know, and they all seem to have a straightforwardness about their way of being. This can be expressed in any number of ways; by one’s calling and vocation, by a directness of gaze, by how one carries one’s self.  It can be conveyed visually in terms of wardrobe choices and, yes, even makeup choices. Never lose sight of all the ways you can express your word.

As you look at your word, think about women you know who embody it. Think about how you can personify it. Step into your word. Allow it to empower you.


Cynthia Oredugba

Cynthia Oredugba is an Inspirer

THE INSPIRERS                                                                                                                     Visionary, Inventive, Original, Outgoing, Unconventional, Sexy, Stylish, Spontaneous, Exciting, Motivating, Influential, Inspiring, Authentic, Idealistic

Inspirers stand out from the rest. Others follow you and the influence that you embody is very compelling. Your look has been designed to accentuate the aspects of your visionary nature. Since you are unafraid to take chances, a bold palette has been created. The Inspirer’s strength and sense of purpose can be conveyed by strong colors, a distinctive eye, and a defined lip.


Gwyneth Paltrow is a Dreamer

Gwyneth Paltrow is a Dreamer

THE DREAMERS                                                                                                             Funny, Natural, Musical, Entertaining, Joyous, Playful, Creative, Curious, Eccentric, Vibrant, Artistic, Whimsical, Blithe, Vivacious

Because you have such a joyous nature, your look was designed to communicate that. Dreamers have a natural beauty, so the overall effect is soft, focusing on the eyes. By using pastels for cheeks and lips, you convey your whimsical side, enhancing your creative and artistic nature with deeper hues.


Cate Blanchett is a Seeker

Cate Blanchett is a Seeker

THE SEEKERS                                                                                                           Caring, Gentle, Peaceful, Spiritual, Still, Graceful, Deep, Balanced, Ageless, Source, Classic, Serene, Ethereal, Soulful

Stillness and grace come naturally to you. You do not pretend to be something more than you are. You are comfortable within yourself and have balance in your life. Because you radiate such a strong sense of self, those around you feel content and calm in your presence. The goal for you is to not look too “made up.”  By using a soft and delicate color palette with tones that wear well together, you will look polished and pretty.


Michelle Obama is a Leader

Michelle Obama is a Leader

THE LEADERS                                                                    Passionate, Powerful, Independent, Commanding, Adventurous, Fearless, Bold, Athletic, Brave, Risk-Taking, Heroic, Confident, Indomitable, Forceful

Since you are willing to be adventurous in your life, this look will show you how to be adventurous with your makeup. Your passion is communicated through your eyes. A “smoky” eye will emphasize this. The lips are pale to keep the attention focused on the eyes.


Lucia Rijker is a Thinker

Lucia Rijker is a Thinker

THE THINKERS                                                                                                            Strong, Rational, Wise, Centered, Honest, Prosperous, Elegant, Logical, Focused, Loyal, Determined, Organized, Striking, Driven

Thinkers are strong and elegant. Your color palette has been designed to bring that out. Your elegance is expressed with a light foundation and blush. The strength is communicated by using a blue, plum, or teal for the eyes. Blue and plum colors are very centering. Because the pigments are deep, they also convey strength, creating a nice balance

If you found this exercise to be enlightening, we have so much more for you!

Our book The Speaking of Beauty Inner Beauty Journal has examples of the makeup palettes for each Profile Group with guided application instructions. The journal also contains more exercises to get you in touch with who you are. It is a guide to defining your self-image authentically.

  • Minda Burr

    This is a really cool exercise and very illuminating Holly… My word is “Creative” which puts me in the DREAMER category… I’m going to share this with lots of friends as I think they will find it very interesting and useful.

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