Push Back and Find Your Voice

My role as Penelope

My role as Penelope

For the past three months I have been involved in a play called Penelope, a retelling Continue reading

Tales of a Sixth Grade Golden Retriever

pic for Golden Retriever BlogIn my last post, I wrote about the time two boys in my 5th grade class, Billy and Matt, told me that I was pretty.  It was the first time I’d been called pretty by someone other than my mother, and I was pretty darn excited about it.

My excitement, however, was short-lived.  Because less than a year later, something excruciating happened:

Sixth Grade. Continue reading

On Random Thoughts & Raising Girls

Because raising girls is hard, y'all. Consider your own childhood the prequel.

Because raising girls is hard, y’all. Consider your own childhood the prequel.

I once worked in a strip club as a (fully clothed) waitress. While there, I learned that most of the dancers making the big bucks only pretended to get drunk on the $12 mocktail containing only cranberry & orange juice because it made the guys paying for the drink feel like he was going to get somewhere, Continue reading

Let’s Hear it For the Girl

Growing up, my favorite breakfast cereal. was Wheaties. I tried all the others – Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, Coco Puffs – but I always came back to Wheaties. I thought they were delicious. As I would sit at the breakfast table in the morning, munching on my Wheaties and milk, I would do what everyone does — read the box. The sides were all about the ingredients, which I found pretty boring. The front and back were what held my interest. The front usually had one type of athlete or another, and the back usually went into more depth about the athlete or some other kind of promotion. Continue reading