What I’ve Learned

Holly Fulger

This past July, I did something that I am extremely proud of – I produced and created my web series Speaking of Beauty The series is based on the belief that every woman has a story. I wanted to open a dialog among women by interviewing them, allowing them to address fears and insecurities while challenging what is presented by the media as the “beauty standard.” The ultimate goal Continue reading

Let’s Hear it For the Girl

Growing up, my favorite breakfast cereal. was Wheaties. I tried all the others – Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, Coco Puffs – but I always came back to Wheaties. I thought they were delicious. As I would sit at the breakfast table in the morning, munching on my Wheaties and milk, I would do what everyone does — read the box. The sides were all about the ingredients, which I found pretty boring. The front and back were what held my interest. The front usually had one type of athlete or another, and the back usually went into more depth about the athlete or some other kind of promotion. Continue reading