Teen Makeup: What’s the Buzz All About?

teen makeupHave you noticed that everywhere you look, there’s media coverage, documentaries, and articles, all debating teen makeup. There seems

to be more and more interest in how young women perceive their role in society and how that translates to the way they present themselves to the world.

Well, I’m here to tell you,most teen I meet all want the same thing: to be respected as individuals, to have their voices heard, and of course, to look their best. How can we, as the older generation, support our teens in being their best selves??

How about not “telling” them who they should be, but rather letting them discover
for themselves who they really, truly are.

Holly Fulger's daughter, Sasha
Holly Fulger’s daughter, Sasha

At Speaking of Beauty Teen Workshops, we help young women discover just how beautiful they really are. By utilizing a self-discovery exercise, we show them how they are truly perceived in this world. We then guide them through makeup artistry tips and techniques to bring that into reality.

Teen Makeup: How do I tell my daughter she’s doing it all wrong?

First of all, the last thing you should do is tell your teenage daughter that you don’t like the way she looks! This is THE most impressionable time in a young girl’s life and most often, she sees the easiest way to express herself is through her fashion and makeup choices.

I am a child of the 80’s and have very fond memories of my ratted hair, black
eye liner and huge bow on the side of my head. Now of course, looking back, I see that I could have done things slightly (understatement) differently to express myself. My mom made the conscious choice to let me do things my way, and I eventually grew out of that phase. As long as your teenager is happy, healthy and developing socially, let her find herself and define her image as a way of self expression.

Here are some basics of teen beauty to help your daughter stay on track with the
development of her outer self.

1. Stick with a Tinted Moisturizer. Skin should look like natural and polished.
Use concealer to hide any blemishes or imperfections.
2. Don’t make snide/hurtful comments about her fashion choices. Instead,
make suggestions to show your support of her individuality.
3. If she expresses concern about not “fitting in”, really listen. Then help her
to decide what matter most. Fitting in? Or being unique? Ask her who
her role models are… Chances are Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani didn’t
look exactly like everyone else in their class!
4. Lipgloss is a great way to experiment with color. Let her choose whatever
she wants!

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Melissa McNamara
Melissa McNamara
Holly Fulger
Holly Fulger