Thanks and In Response….

HBD logoWell I’m really excited because my new show, The Hollywood Beauty Detective was written about by Jodie Layne for Working on this series has consumed me for so long, and seeing people respond to it is thrilling…even though Jodie’s reaction was mixed. So…I wanted to respond to Jodie, as a way of explanation.

Holly The Hollywood Beauty Detective

Holly The Hollywood Beauty Detective

I agree with you, Jodie, when you say in your article, “While I think that Fulger’s intent and passion for dismantling beauty ideals is noble and comes from a good place, I cannot help but feel conflicted about the series. Perks for donors include makeovers and makeup kits; Fulger herself is in a full face of makeup in the promotional video; and a clip from her last series shows her praising a 70-year-old woman for looking so young with the aid of Botox.”.

When we shot the Sneak Peek of the show, it was originally written for me to have a ridiculous amount of “Hollywood Glamour” makeup on, then allow myself to be deconstructed. Well, on the day of the shoot, I did have the “Hollywood Glamour” makeup on, but we got sidetracked in completing the deconstruction process by: a time constraint on our location, a money constraint (we had none) that would allow our crew and equipment to pull off the deconstruction, and an exhaustion constraint by the crew because the studio had no AC and we worked for 15 hours at 100 degree temps which really took the wind out of all our sails (even Millie was depleted.)



So, I made a choice to use the footage we got from the shoot, and decided we would try to work with it through editing. Which is what we did. And in all honesty, I agree that me talking about beauty with all that “Hollywood Glamour” all over my face perhaps sends a mixed message.

But here’s the thing: ultimately, the goal of the show is to explore what beauty means to women…without judgement. So, it would then follow that even if wearing that much makeup was my choice instead of because of the constraints listed above, shouldn’t I be allowed to do just that? In the same respect, if a woman chooses not to wear makeup, she should not be judged.

old woman, no regretsThe real issue isn’t whether women wear makeup or not, choose to have botox or not, gain weight or lose weight, have surgery or not, wear six-inch heels or sandals with socks, wear a Dior gown or their pj’s to get groceries, the issue is – it’s a woman’s choice. And it’s a woman’s choice to dress and express herself in any way she wants.

And that is the reason behind The Hollywood Beauty Detective.

I want to create awareness about beauty by exploring it. By education. By busting it open and creating something we can all get behind.

In my first episode, filming in May, we are going to do the “deconstruction” scene, so please watch it. Better still, if you’re in town stop by. I think you will get a much better sense of what it is I want to accomplish.

selfiesI want The Hollywood Beauty Detective to celebrate being female. I want to show that beauty can be pretty much anything…as long as a woman is expressing who she is, that is enough. It is her choice.

And two more things. One: the makeover and makeup perk are in line with using makeup as a tool and not as a means to hide. My friend, makeup artist Melissa McNamara, and I created  the Speaking of Beauty Style Profile Exercise to help women find a word that best expresses them. Then, finding their correlating Iconic Style Group, allows them a way to help them express their essence. The makeup line is in the planning stages.

Holly Fulger and Kirsten Storms in Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century

Holly Fulger and Kirsten Storms in Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century

And two: I’m so happy you were (and still are) a fan of “Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century” movies. It was truly a joy to do them and I still get recognized.   xoxo