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Ann Banks

Holly Fulger interviews Ann Banks about self-esteem, botox, and turning 70.

Interview With Catherine Curry-Williams

Catherine Curry-Williams explains to Holly her views on beauty, passion, aging, and eating.

Interview With Tracie Lockwood

Tracie Lockwood, is an actress and a mother of two young daughters. Her honesty is so inspiring. Take a look.

Mireya Vera

Holly Fulger interviews psychology student and mother, Mireya Vera, about her experiences as an every day hero. Listen to Mireya share inspirational stories about her life.

Interview With Tanya McClure

Tanya McClure is a writer, artist and performer in Los Angeles. Here she discusses what it was like to grow up in a conservative household and how she found inner peace and acceptance.

Interview with Mary Jo Smith

Holly Fulger interviews Mary Jo Smith about growing up in a one size fits all world.

Interview With Lillah McCarthy

Holly Fulger interviews television executive, Lillah McCarthy, on beauty, television’s responsibility to the public, and how we empower our daughters to realize that beauty comes from within.

Interview With Jacquie Barnbrook

Holly talks with actress and special effects producer, Jacquie Barnbrook, about weight, beauty pageants, and coming to terms with beauty.

Interview with Lucia Rijker

Holly Fulger interviews world champion boxer Lucia Rijker about her experiences of growing from tough Tom-boy to a wise woman. Lucia shares a deeply personal story of how she learned that real beauty begins inside. Listen to Lucia share inspirational stories about her life.

Interview with Tara Windley

Tara Windley is an actress who reveals her preoccupation with beauty and the frustration it causes her and how she looks forward to getting older.

Interview with Grace Williams

In this interview, Holly is impressed with the confidence and certainty that 12 year old Grace Williams exhibits in her knowledge that beauty is inside first, and outside later. Grace's self-defining word is FUNNY. Watch to find out why!

Interview with Cynthia Oredugba

Holly Fulger interviews professional and personal life coach Cynthia Oredugba from Highlights from Cynthia Oredugba include "When you are a visionary, you always see possibility." Cynthia's advice for others: "Love yourself. When you love yourself, others will love you because love is so powerful"

Interview with Dari Lallou Mackenzie

In this interview, writer/performer Dari Lallou Mackenzie shares her shift from being a model/actress concerned with external beauty to her growth as a woman who chooses not to use surgery or body modification to make herself look younger. Dari's inspirational word is STILLNESS. Watch to hear her advice to other women.

Interview with Rachel Abroms

In this interview, jewelry designer Rachel Abroms shares her experiences struggling with weight, dieting and body mutilation. Rachel's inspirational word is CREATIVITY. Watch to hear her advice to other women as well as to her own 12 year old self if she could go back in time and change things for the better.

Holly Fulger Introduces Speaking of Beauty

A quick look at "Speaking of Beauty with Holly Fulger". Actress Holly Fulger introduces you to her new web series. Holly interviews women aged 12 to 70 on their impressions of beauty, how damaging the false ideas of media can be to women and girls and how their lives changed when they focused on inner beauty.