What I’ve Learned

Holly Fulger

This past July, I did something that I am extremely proud of – I produced and created my web series Speaking of Beauty The series is based on the belief that every woman has a story. I wanted to open a dialog among women by interviewing them, allowing them to address fears and insecurities while challenging what is presented by the media as the “beauty standard.” The ultimate goal is to help women and girls discover their inner-beauty.

 It has been a remarkable journey on so many levels. Encouraging women and girls to begin to see and understand that it is their own uniqueness that makes them beautiful has been amazing – bearing witness to each story has been life-changing.

After Speaking of Beauty launched, I found all of you – like-minded women with similar concerns about self esteem and self-acceptance, attempting to answer the question, “What is beauty?” I began to see that I wasn’t the only one ready to challenge what was being presented to me as beautiful – you were too. I heard from you – wives, mothers, young women, older women – all wanting change. What started as an idea began to take shape as a movement and a change in consciousness. I believe that together we can elevate the beauty conversation. We need one another to continue to change.

Pauline Campos is one of the women I was lucky enough to meet along the way and I would like you to meet her. Pauline is founder and chief writer at Girl Body Pride, a site started from the single realization that it was her actions and her words that will influence how her own daughter will see herself. She has wrestled with body issues and an eating disorder for most of her life.

Pauline was 8 when she began stuffing feelings down with food. At 15 she was bulimic. She is now 34 and refers to herself as a lifelong recovering bulimic. In her own words,”The thoughts will always be there no matter what I do. I can’t change that. What I can change is what I do.”

Pauline Campos

Pauline is an activist. She is tireless about helping girls and women heal and create healthy self-images. Out of this she created the Girl Body Pride bracelet. It’s a reminder to all of us to focus on the path of self-love, self-acceptance, and body pride.This bracelet is a promise and a way to do something for others. With every bracelet sold, $1 will be donated directly to the National Eating Disorder Association.

I am so proud to have Pauline Campos as my friend and I am so proud to be connected to each and every one of you. I have learned from you that redefining the way beauty is perceived is necessary and that we are the instruments of change. Look at what we’re doing. We are shifting consciousness. That is heroic. We are okay, “Just the way we are.” That is what is on the Girl Body Pride bracelets, and it is what each one of us needs to say to ourselves everyday, “We are okay just the way we are.” I support Pauline Campos on her mission. I support and encourage you to do the same. It’s one more step forward.  

Thank you all for your support. Here’s to 2013.